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The Gospel of Disney: Christian values in the early animated classics

The Christian Values of Early Animated Classics

Referentie: Longfellow, Anderson, Philip, The gospel of Disney: Christian values of early animated classics, Augsbergs Fortress Publishers, 2011, 232 p.

Plaatskenmerk: Bibliotheek

Extract: “Anderson looks at nearly 20 animated Disney classics and uses each as a point of departure for discussion of Christian values. Each chapter begins with a biblical quote to set the theme, which Anderson then develops via the Disney story or character spotlighted. Anderson also employs humorous and touching anecdotes as he shows these sometimes all-too-familiar stories and characters in a new light.”

Commentary: This book draws the line between christianity and Disney’s classics, where i talk about the Disney movies as substitute for the religion. Philip Anderson studies 20 Disney movies and begins with a quote from the bible. He sees a lot of parralells between the two and analyses this. The question is of course if childeren can also see the christian side of Disney movies. The childeren watch the movies for their own amusement in the first place, but at the same time the subtle moral values are remembered by the childeren because they have an emotional bond with the movie which they mimic. I dont think they can also translate this to bilblical references, where a adult can analyse these things.

Here is an example of what Philip Anderson writes about in his book:

“For example, Anderson sees parallels between Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, where the evil queen offers Snow White a seductive “wishing apple” (that’s really poisonous), and Genesis 3:1-7, where the serpent tempts Eve with a piece of fruit. But just as love’s first kiss provides the antidote for Snow White, God’s love expressed through Christ’s sacrifice can do the same for mankind.

Anderson’s other explorations are equally illuminating. Peter Pan’s shadow is equated with the influence each of us can have on the people around us, Bambi illustrates the beauty and fragility of creation, and Dumbo’s huge ears show that what we may first regard as a handicap can be a gift from God.”


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