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The gospel according to Disney: Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust

The Gospel According to Disney.

Referentie: Pinsky, Mark, The gospel according to Disney: faith, trust and pixie dust, Westminster John Knox Press, 2004, 286 p.

Plaatskenmerk: Bibliotheek

Extract: ”

Yet the strength of the more recent animation is the growing assertiveness of the girls and young women, perhaps reflecting the growing number of women at the studio, and the respect they now accord different ethnic groups, religions, and nationalities. This has a great deal to do with reflecting changes in the culture at large. And it probably has much to do with Disney’s identification of its target market for such movies.

Disney’s animated features are not a substitute for worship or Sunday school or ethical education. But they are tools in building moral sensibility, and in reinforcing parental and religious values.”

Commentary: This book is exactly what my research is all about. The moral values Disney gives us and maybe our childeren in the future have always been underestimated by modern press and society. The last line summs it al up for me. Of course Disney movies can never replace a full grown religion, but in can still guide us with moral questions between whats wright and wrong. It can give us a better bond with our parents, and teaches us with the do when in perril or danger. The influence and effect is of course underestimated because it is a childeren’s movie, but that doesn’t mean we can’t learn from them.


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