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Just a cartoon? Or an unique way of education?

Can your Disney family vacation be an educational opportunity?

Disney as education?

Referentie: Krock, Adrienne, Mouseplanet, Can your disney vacation be an educational opportunity?,, geraadpleegd op 26-03-2012

Plaatskenmerk: Internet

Extract: “The Walt Disney World Resort is not only a place of family entertainment, but, in some ways, I think there is a certain amount of teachable moments to be had as well. This sort of edutainment can be especially found in places such as Epcot and Animal Kingdom parks. But if the question is related to cross-breeding the vacation with education for the specific purpose of augmenting the classroom environment, I think it all depends on what you want to accomplish.”

Commentary: The example of Adrienne Krock is not so about the movies themselves but the Disney theme park, as a place for childeren to learn. The parks are of course a direct effect of the movies acting as the place where childeren can live the fantasy. But where the education is subtle in the movies, it is a lot harder to put the subtleness in fun attractions. Still Disney tries, because they know of the influence they have on childeren. I rather think they should leave it to subtleness in the movies because childeren just want to have fun while they are at a theme park. When they watch a movie their mind is occupied and the childeren are not aware of the subtle education imprented in the movie.


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