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Top 25 Animated movies of all time

Top 25 Animated movies: number 6 South Park

Referentie: Pirello, Phil, Top 25 Animated Movies of All Time, IGN,, (geraadpleegd op 20-03-2012)

Plaatskenmerk: Internet

Extract: “Not number one, you say? Walt Disney’s ultimate creation? His piece de resistance? That’s right, it’s not number one in our book. Yes, Fantasia is pretty cool, great stuff — a Disney masterpiece, sure, and a milestone in animation and cinema as a whole. But let’s be honest here… It can also be kind of boring at times, cheesy at others, and dated in the worst way here or there (Those freakin’ unicorns? Seriously? And baby unicorns?!).

And yet, there is still so much to praise for the film, even now 70 years since it was released. The episodic, mostly non-narrative epic is of course set to various pieces of classical music, resulting in sequences like the climactic “Night on Bald Mountain” (featuring the awesome demon-creature Chernabog) that are hallmarks of the genre. Technically peerless, featuring animation that is still among the best ever created, the film should be much higher on this list. But those damned unicorns… ”

Commentary: This is a top 25 by a respected site on the subject of all media. It doesn’t only pick american animated movies, but also picks a japanese movie which had a lot of influence in Japan. Also newer movies like The Fantastic Mr Fox also made the list. The Extract above tells us more about Disney’s Fantasia from 1940. In that horrible time, Disney made a masterpiece in the chaos.


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