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The Hidden Message of Pixar Movies

Some of Pixar's heroes

Referentie: Munkittrick, Kyle, “The Hidden Message in Pixar Movies”,, (geraadpleegd op 20-03-2012)

Plaatskenmerk: Internet

Extract: The message hidden inside Pixar’s magnificent films is this: humanity does not have a monopoly on personhood. In whatever form non- or super-human intelligence takes, it will need brave souls on both sides to defend what is right. If we can live up to this burden, humanity and the world we live in will be better for it.

Commentary: This article about Pixar movies tells about the layers that are put in an animated movie. It tells us about friendship, how to be a good person, how to deal and judge about whats good and wrong. Although animated movies are fare from realistic, the unrealistic characters are often more humane then most people are on this planet. Thats often the message of the movies, even if you are a monster, you still can be good. This may sound cheesy and corny, but think about it. When you where young and when you watched cartoons, you listened very well what they where saying and what they where doing. You would mimic that because you wanted to be that certain hero or villian. These lessons can be important for childeren trying to grow up and become balanced persons. The effect of a good childhood is enormous!


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