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The genius shaping the future of the movies

Referentie: Wood, Gaby, “The genius shaping the future of the movies”, The Guardian,  (13-03-2012)

Plaatskenmerk: Internet, link:

Extract: “The animation building at Disney is topped by a giant version of the sorcerer’s hat from Fantasia, and filled with sweets: jellybeans, lollipops and gummy snakes. The central atrium, called “the caffeine patch”, could give Starbucks a run for its money, except that the decor is studiously retro-kitsch: there’s an enormous jukebox in the corner, and elsewhere on that floor is what the animators refer to as a “cereal bar”: a chrome-and-leather-outfitted in-house diner in which Froot Loops and Cocoa Puffs are kept in large dispensers, and people help themselves to milk from an outsized 1950s fridge. Where anyone else might go to the pub, Disney animators stay in the office all hours, sketching funny pictures of each other on whiteboards and living from one sugar rush to the next.”

Commentary: After Walt Disney had died, the stick had to be passed on. But nobody would take it. Until now! In this article of the guardian Gaby Woord talks about John Lasseter, the new mastermind working at Disney. John talks about taking over the huge company, the influence of the company and the future of animation movies itself.


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