Animation Nation

Just a cartoon? Or an unique way of education?


The movie Fantasia made in 1940

When i wanted a subject for this project, i really had to digg real deep intro my personal interests. One thing that i always liked and always enjoyed watching are movies. Documentaries, thrillers, cine-art movies. I really like all type of movies!

But there is one thing that i noticed through my own history watching animated movies and with animated movies, i mean movies from companies like Disney and Pixar. While i was watching these movies as a child, i would mimic them later and watch them another 10 times like any other child. But when i got older i realised something. Those Disney and Pixar movies really helped me growing up in to a good and decent person. That may sound a bit cheesy, but think about it. You learn about what’s wright and whats wrong, what to do with friendship, moral guidance and values etc. I am going to research these movies and their moral values because Disney movies gave them to me, and not some kind of religion. So sit back learn, and let the magic happen.


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